S100 Visor and Helmet Cleaner Wipes

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The Problem:

Excessive insect residue sticks to the visor and helmet, reducing visibility and driver safety.

Product Advantages:

Scratch- and streak-free cleaning on the go

  • Scratch- and streak-free cleaning
  • Suited for all visor types – whether transparent, tinted, metallised or with anti-fog coating
  • Wet and dry cloth included
  • Also suited for headlamps and touring windshields
  • Small packing dimensions, ideally suited for cleaning on the road
  • Special price offer for packs of ten

Application Areas:

For visors, outer helmet shells, headlamps and touring windshields


Place the soaked fleece cloth on the surface to be cleaned and let react for 30 - 60 seconds. Remove the dirt with the soaked fleece cloth and rewipe lint-freely with the dry cloth.

Note: Follow the care instructions of the helmet manufacturer. The coated Pinlock interior should not be cleaned due to increased risk of scratching!

Awarded with:

  • Motorrad Best Brand 2023
  • PS sport motorrad magazin Best Brand 2023 
Best Brand 2023Best Brand Motorrad
Size: Box (10)