S100 The Wash Mitt

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Mega absorbent + high-pile on both sides = ULTRA GENTLE!

The Problem:

If you use inferior wash mitts, there is a risk that the surface will not be cleaned optimally and gently. In addition, they do not offer optimum workmanship, are not comfortable to wear and are not durable.

Product Advantages:

  • High quality microfibre: The wash mitt is made of particularly soft and high-pile microfibres that slide over the surface smoothly and catch the dirt perfectly in the mitt. The surface is therefore cleaned gently and stubborn dirt removed effectively
  • Mega absorbent: Thanks to the combination of the high quality microfibre and the foam in the wash mitt, over 500 ml of liquid is absorbed. This makes cleaning even more gentle.
  • A perfekt fit: It is very comfortable for ease of use without a great deal of effort. A non-slip elasticated cuff and the sewn-in middle ensure that the wash mitt does not slip during cleaning. Ideal for left- and right-handed people
  • Very durable and environmentally friendly: Thanks to its first class workmanship, the wash mitt is extremely robust and washable (lasts for around 100 washing cycles)
  • Easy-care: It can be cleaned easily in the washing machine after use and is suitable for tumble driers (see the washing instructions)

Application Areas:

Suitable for all surfaces.


  • Soak the wash mitt: Immerse the wash mitt in the bucket with the cleaning agent and soak up plenty of water
  • Cleaning: Clean the motorcycle with as much cleaning agent as possible from top to bottom. Rinse the mitt out in the bucket filled with clean water several times so that the dirt particles caught by the mitt are removed. This prevents scratches
  • Care: Rinse the mitt thoroughly with water and leave to dry after each use. In order to remove all polish, wax and dirt residues, we recommend cleaning the mitt in the washing machine (see the washing instructions)