S100 The Sponge

Sale price65,00 lei

The Sponge has two different microfi bre sides which guarantee optimised motorcycle washing

The Problem:

Inferior cleaning sponges do not offer the optimum result for perfect cleaning of the motorcycle. In addition, they are usually not particularly durable and not suitable for different levels of dirt.

Product Advantages:

  • Long and soft chenille fibres: clean particularly gently, are highly absorbent and aid with foaming.

  • Smooth side: cleans extremely stubborn dirt particularly well.
  • The sponge can absorb a huge amount of detergent and therefore makes washing the vehicle easier.
  • Thanks to its first class workmanship, the sponge is extremely robust and washable.
Application Areas:

Suitable for all surfaces such as paint (glossy and matt), fi lms (glossy and matt), plastic, metal, glass, polycarbonate and all types of tyres


  • Preparation: Prior to hand washing using the sponge, remove coarse dirt and contamination from the vehicle and rinse with plenty of water.
  • Care: Rinse thoroughly with warm water and leave to dry after each use. In order to remove all polish, wax and dirt residues, we recommend cleaning in the washing machine if required (see the washing instructions)..