S100 The Cloth

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The Problem:

In addition to the proper care product, accessories also play an important role in motorbike maintenance. Many microfibre cloths available on the market cause fine scratches on painted or on other surfaces. Microfibre cloths often have different textures on the front and back, leaving users unsure about which side to use for their cleaning needs. In addition, the majority of cloths have below-average absorption power and are unpleasant to the touch.

Product Advantages:

For the perfect finish - shiny or matt

  • Extremely soft and fluffy material to gently buff up paintwork and wax finishes without causing clouds or haze

  • High-pile on both sides: double the surface area and reliable application
  • Seamless with ultra-sonic cut for a 100% scratch-free result
  • Highly absorbent for drying after a motorcycle wash
  • Perfect finish with S100 care and cleaning products on shiny or matte surfaces
  • Washable to 60° C (at least 300 washes)
  • Pleasant to the touch

Application Areas:

For shiny and matte paints, helmets, visors, leather,motorcycle drying etc.


Use both sides of the S100 THE CLOTH regularly and shake off product residues if necessary. Repeat wiping the surface with the clean side of the cloth or polish to mirror finish. Only use the clean side of the cloth on sensitive surfaces (the dirt can scratch the surface). Washing instructions: Wash the S100 THE CLOTH separately or with same colours. If you wash the S100 THE CLOTH with other fabrics, it is advisable to place it in a finely woven laundry bag. Washable to 60° C. Do not use fabric softeners. Suitable for tumble drying up to 60° C. After drying, vigorously shake the cloth several times to fluff up the fibres. 85% polyester, 15% polyamide.