S100 Scratch Polish

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The Problem:

Over time, use inevitably leaves unsightly traces on the motorcycle. Scratches occur in the varnish and plastic, which are often impossible to remove with conventional polishes. Until now, one had to live with these “beauty flaws” or to use professional help for a lot of money.

Product Advantages:

Removes scratches even better from paint and plastic!

  • Fine scrapers are permanently removed and not only covered
  • No risk of polishing new scratches
  • The result is a high-gloss finish and color depth
  • Only one step, therefore easy and fast application

Application Areas:

Painted motorcycle parts (e. g. fairing, tank, etc. ), hard transparent plastic (e. g. headlights, indicators, windscreen).

NOT applicable for unpainted plastics (e. g. backside of mirrors or through-coloured plastic parts without clear varnish).


  1. Shake tube before use
  2. Gently moisten the microfiber cloth with water
  3. Dose the product on the microfibre cloth, then on the clean, dry surface with pressure 1-2 min. polish
  4. The polished surface about 1 min. allow to dry and polish with an unused part of the cloth.
  5. If necessary, repeat the procedure from 1. onwards. Attention: Always keep the microfiber cloth moist during the polishing process.

Deep, palpable scratches, which may extend to the primer, can only be removed by a professional paint repair. We do not advise you to do your own work with abrasive agents (e. g. sandpaper). Due to the high removal of layers, there is a risk of damage.

Store away from frost. Do not use in bright sunlight or on heated surfaces! Do not use on chrome -plated plastic parts (e. g. vehicle emblems) or soft or rough, unpainted plastic surfaces (e. g. bench seats)! Do not use on matte lacquers!


Awarded with:

  • Motorrad Best Brand 2023
  • PS sport motorrad magazin Best Brand 2023 
Best Brand 2023Best Brand Motorrad
Size: 50ml