S100 Pressure Sprayer

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The Problem:

For many customers, using motorcycle cleaners in ordinary spray bottles involves too much time and effort. Therefore, motorcyclists rely on pressure sprayers. Modern motorcycle cleaners, such as the S100 Total Cleaner Plus, come in gel form. However, most pressure sprayers on the market are not able to spray a gel formula in a wide, user-friendly spray pattern. This leads to high consumption of the cleaner and is very time-consuming.

Product Advantages:

Effortless spraying of motorcycle gel cleaners in seconds

  • Professional quality
  • Wide and user-friendly spray pattern
  • Turning valve for easy pressure relief after application

Application Areas:

Ideal accessory for S100 Moto Wash in canisters


Fill up to the MAX marking. Pump 15 - 20 times and then the S100 Pressure Sprayer is ready for use. After use: Release pressure using the turning valve on the side. Empty container. Rinse container and nozzle with clear water. 

Please note: Do not store under pressure. Do not fill with solvent-containing or aggressive products (e.g. break cleaner, cleaning solvent etc.).


Size: 925ml (empty)