S100 Matt Wax Spray

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The Problem:

Until a few years ago, very few matt painted or foil-coated motorcycles, were on the road. Therefore, very few care products have typically been available for the special treatment of matt surfaces. Using traditional care products can change the motorcycle’s appearance and, in worst case scenarios, make it shiny. Matt surfaces are, therefore, often exposed to outdoor conditions without protection. Dirt, sun exposure, rain etc. corrode the paint and, over time, degrade the outside appearance.

Product Advantages:

Maintains original matt effect and protects for an extremely long time. For paint and foil coating!

  • Protects from environmental influences such as rain and UV radiation for an extremely long time
  • Water beeding off
  • Water, oil and dirt-repellent properties
  • Easy to apply
  • Can also be used on matt foils

Application Areas:

Matt surfaces, such as paint, foil-coating and rubber coating, including surfaces of motorcycle parts or helmets. 

Do not use on shiny surfaces


Shake bottle before use. Spray product onto a soft, lint-free cloth (or directly onto the surface) and evenly distribute on the cleaned and dried surface. Leave to dry for a short while. Buff using a fresh, white and lint-free cloth. That’s it!

Note: Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Store in a frost-protected place. Do not breathe in spray!

Awarded with:

  • Motorrad Best Brand 2023
  • PS sport motorrad magazin Best Brand 2023 
Best Brand 2023Best Brand Motorrad
Size: 250ml