S100 Leather Balm

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The Problem:

Leather is a natural product and, therefore has a natural ageing process. This ageing process is accelerated by environmental influences, such as rain, sun and dirt, as well as by use /stress exposure. This results in drying-out, tearing and fading. It negatively impacts the quality, functionality and value of leather clothing.

Product Advantages:

Intense protection against moisture and ageing

  • High-quality nutrients (e.g. jojoba oil) deeply penetrate the leather and help keep it soft, supple and resistant
  • Natural beeswax provides long-term protection against moisture on the surface
  • Absorbed quickly and without residue, thus minimizing dirt adhesion
  • Excellent colour restoration without greasy shine, making it suitable for matte leather
  • Maintains the breathability of climate membranes (confirmed by certificates)

Application Areas:

For all types of smooth leather and colours (including perforated leather)


Apply S100 Leather Balm onto cleaned and dry leather sparingly and evenly using a soft sponge. Leave to act for a short time (5 - 10 min) and wipe off excess leather balm with a soft cloth.

Cleaning the leather beforehand removes dirt and opens its pores. This is the best way to prepare the leather to absorb the nutrients and the moisture protection. To gently clean the leather we recommend the S100 Leather Cleaner GEL or the S100 Fabric & Leather Wash.

Size: 250ml