S100 High End Chain Spray

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The Problem:

The motorcycle chain is one of the most critical parts of a motorcycle. The drive chain is impacted by extreme forces, rendered by sporty riding styles, high torques & speeds and by heavily motorized machines. This requires a chain spray that can stand up to such challenges. Improper maintenance/lubrication of the chain can quickly lead to high metal abrasion (wear protection) between the chain and sprocket. As a result, the chain set has to be replaced within a short period of time.

For extreme loads, e.g. high torque and sporty riding style – does not spin off!

  • Perfection Made in Germany! This premium product was developed for the most demanding chain maintenance work!
  • By using extremely effective high-performance additives, it offers excellent wear protection and outstanding lubrication performance even under extreme loads.
  • Does not spin off, for a permanently clean chain environment
  • Noticeably extends the mileage of the chain set
  • Good wash-off resistance
  • Top corrosion protection and creeping properties
  • Contains PTFE
  • Suitable for all chain types (O/X/Z rings)


Shake can before use. Spray product evenly and sparingly on the INSIDE of the dry, clean chain. Allow to dry for at least one hour, ideally overnight. Re-lubricate after max. 700 km, and clean the chain after max. three lubrication cycles with S100 chain cleaner.

Ideal accessories: S100 Clean Bob, to prevent soiling of tyres, rims etc. when spraying.

Size: 300ml