S100 Color Refresher

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Refreshes faded surfaces! e.g. greyed engine parts, plastic materials, rubber, etc.

  • Refreshes bleached parts and provides colour depth and a semi gloss finish
  • Heat resistant, stainless drying and holds up to rain and several motorcycle washes
  • Protects from (further) fading caused by UV radiation
  • Greyed and bleached painted and unpainted motorbike metal parts (e.g. engine block, frame, linkage, engine side caps, rims)
  • Bleached rough and painted plastic and rubber parts (e.g. side covers, inner cladding, mudguards, controls and instruments, carbon parts, top case, plastic suitcase, blinker, mirror, etc.)


  • Wash the motorbike thoroughly with S100 Total Cleaner Plus and rub it dry with a leather cloth.
  • Shake the product well and spray on sparsely and evenly from a distance of around 20cm. Let dry.
  • Note: Apply the product on rims, covers, instruments, etc. with a soaked cloth only in order to protect adjacent surfaces that must not be treated (tyres, seat bench, tachometer covers). Do not spray on these parts!
  • When treating glazed plastic parts, such as covers, wipe with an absorptive cloth after product application.
Size: 300ml