F100 Waterless Cleaner

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Quick cleaning without water on-the-go and everywhere

The Problem:

Most cyclists use water for regular bicycle cleaning. However, a thorough water cleaning is too laborious for only mild or partial contamination. A wash station may not be nearby and following legal mandates regarding chain oil separation is complicated. Typically, for quick cleaning and maintenance (e.g. in a private garage or driveway), home products or personal remedies have been used. Such products are not specifi cally formulated to treat bicycle dirt and grime, thus delivering poor cleaning results, and worst case, damage to the bicycle.

Product Advantages:

  • Waterless cleaning is also ideal for e-bikes

  • Gentle cleaning and care in one step
  • Ideal for medium and light soiling (e.g. between two larger wash cycles)
  • Guaranteed material-compatibility on all surfaces
  • Ideal for matt lacquer
  • Preserves the varnish
  • Protection against environmental infl uences
  • Reduces dirt adhesion

Application Areas:

All bicycle surfaces, including matt varnishes and foils


Shake the bottle before use. Spray the Waterless Cleaner on the soiled surfaces and allow it to absorb for a few seconds (in case of heavier dirt 1 to 3 min). Then, wipe it down with a soft microfiber cloth. Remove any residues with a dry spot on the cloth. In case of stubborn soiling, please repeat the process.

Note: Do not let dry. Don’t apply in direct, hot sun or on heated surfaces. This product is not to be used on break discs!


Size: 500ml