F100 The Cloth

Sale price49,90 lei

100% scratch-free, extremely absorbent and fl uffy on both sides

The Problem:

Accessories also play an important role in bicycle care. Many microfibre cloths available on the market can cause fi ne scratches on paint and other surfaces. Microfibre cloths often have different surface textures on the front and back, and users are unsure about which side is suitable for which purpose. What’s more, the majority of cloths have very limited absorption power and are unpleasant to the touch.

Product Advantages:

  • Ideal for post-treatment after bicycling

  • High suction power for peeling
  • Perfect fi nish with F100 care and cleaning products on glossy or matt surfaces
  • For applying the F100 protective and care oil (not for re-wiping, as the high suction power can cause too much product to be removed)
  • Extremely soft and fl uffy for gentle polishing of waxes and polishing without clouding or misting
  • High-Flor on both sides – can therefore be used for a very long time, absolutely safe against false application and dual use area
  • Seamless, thanks to ultrasonic cut for scratch-free polishing
  • Lasts approx. 300 washing cycles
  • Suitable even for sensitive varnishes such as piano varnish
  • Very pleasant and soft texture

Application Areas:

For frames, attachments and accessories


Ideal in combination with our F100 products. Turn around the F100 THE CLOTH regularly and shake off product residues, if necessary. Wipe the surface with the clean side of the cloth again or polish to mirror finish. Only use the clean side of the cloth on sensitive surfaces (the dirt can scratch the surfacew).

Washing instructions: We recommend washing the cloth before first use. Washable up to 60° C. Do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry up to 60° C. After drying, shake the cloth vigorously several times for optimal re-raising and loosening of the fribres. 85% polyester, 15% polyamide.