F100 Chain Lube

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Long life for the chain set. Extra long lubrication

The Problem:

The chain and other moveable parts on mountain bikes, racing bikes etc. endure a great deal of stress. Then there are environmental factors, such as rain and dirt that reduce the mobility of moveable parts and accelerate wear and tear and corrosion.

Product Advantages:

  • Suitable for all parts requiring lubrication, such as chain, cartridge, suspension fork,

  • damper, bowden cables etc
  • Noticeably reduces friction (very smooth running of the chain and extends the life of the chain)
  • Outstanding corrosion and wear and tear protection
  • Excellent penetrating properties
  • Long-lasting adhesiveness even when exposed to much stress

Application Areas:

For all bicycle parts that require lubrication


Use as Spray :

Shake can intensively before use. Apply a thin film of F100 Chain-Oil to the inside of the clean and dry chain and allow to air for approx. 5 minutes. Then wipe off excess oil using a dry cloth. 

Use as Dropping Bottle : 

Shake dropper bottle intensively before use. Apply F100 Chain-Oil to the inside of the clean and dry chain. Wipe off excess oil using a dry cloth. 

Please note: Before use, clean chain with F100 Chain-Cleaner. Do not use on brake discs and brake pads, tyres or saddles.


Size: 300ml (spray)