F100 Chain Brush

Sale price49,90 lei

Eliminates the heaviest dirt on the entire drive

The Problem:

There is constant friction between the chain and the sprocket while riding, as well as between the chain links. This loosens fi ne metal abrasion and the chain inevitably gets dirty. Together with residues from chain lubricants, sand, road dirt, etc., a stubborn deposit forms on the chain and sprocket, which extremely accelerates wear. A new Lubrication becomes increasingly ineffective as the lubricants can no longer penetrate the chain.

Product Advantages:

  • Supports cleaning with F100 Chain Cleaner and F100 Bio Chain Cleaner

  • Removes stubborn dirt
  • Reliably cleans the entire drive train
  • Distributes the cleaner evenly
  • Different brush heads allow all parts of the drive train to be cleaned
  • Tough bristles

Application Areas:

For the bicycle chain, chain rings, gear, rim etc.


Apply F100 Chain Cleaner or F100 Bio Chain Cleaner. Then clean the treated areas thoroughly with the brush. Then rinse off the cleaner with a strong jet of water.

Note: After cleaning, treat the chain with a suitable F100 Chain Lube.