F100 BIO Dry Lube

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Ensures perfectly smooth running and a clean chain

The Problem:

Cyclists want the area around the chain to look perfectly clean without compromising function. Dry lubricants are typically used to achieve this result. However, the dry lubricants currently available on the market provide a below-average lubricating performance and show weaknesses in their wear or corrosion protection.

For the love of nature:

  • Bio-based lubricant in accordance with DIN EN 16807:2016

  • Highly biodegradable according to standard: OECD 301(F)
  • Without fragrances and colourants
  • High proportion of renewable raw materials
  • Bottle is made of environmentally friendly recyclable material

Product Advantages:

  • Reduces friction, ensures excellent freedom of movement by all moving parts

  • Layers itself as a dry and yet flexible protective layer on chainring, sprocket and bicycle chain
  • Optimum protection against wear and corrosion
  • Absolutely no spinning off
  • Dirt- and water-repellent
  • Tremendous creep performance

Application Areas:

For the bicycle chain, control cables etc.


Shake the bottle before use. Apply thinly and evenly onto the inside of the clean, dry bicycle chain and allow to dry for at least 60 minutes.

Please note: Before use, clean bicycle chain with F100 Bio Chain Cleaner. Do not use on brake discs, brake pads or tyres.


Size: 100ml