F100 BIO Chain Lube

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Extremely smooth operation of all moveable parts

The Problem:

The chain and other moving parts of mountain bikes, racing bikes, etc. are often subjected to high stress. In addition, there are also environmental influences, such as rain and dirt, which reduce the smooth operation of moving parts and accelerate wear and corrosion. Moreover, some lubricants contain certain raw materials that can be harmful to the environment.

For the love of nature:

  • Contains > 90 % renewable raw materials

  • Highly biodegradable according to standard: OECD 301(F)
  • Bio-based lubricant in accordance with DIN EN 16807
  • Without fragrances and colourants
  • Bottle and labels are made of environmentally friendly recyclable material

Product Advantages:

  • Ensures that all moveable parts run extremely smoothly

  • Very high protection against wear and excellent lubrication performance
  • Significantly reduces the effort required to ride the bicycle
  • Top corrosion protection
  • High penetration and adhesive effect
  • Reduces chain noise significantly
  • Long lubrication intervals

Application Areas:

For example: Chain, suspension fork, shock absorbers, Bowden cables


Shake the bottle well before use! Apply F100 Bio Chain Oil thinly to the inside of the clean, dry chain. Wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth. Please note: Do not use on brake pads, tyres or saddles.


Size: 100ml