F100 BIO Bicycle Cleaner

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Power gel for intensive cleaning

The Problem:

To combat dirt on your bicycle: It is very important to clean bicycles regularly and thoroughly in order to maintain their function and value, but cleaning requires a lot of time and effort. Cold (solvent-based) or acidic cleaners pose major problems for materials, health and the environment.

For the love of nature:

  • Made of > 97 % natural & renewable raw materials
  • Without fragrances and colourants
  • Bottle and label are made of environmentally friendly recyclable material
  • Non-acidic and guaranteed material compatibility

Product Advantages:

  • Active degreasing formula cleans even the most stubborn dirt automatically and without leaving residues

  • Removes all dirt (e.g. mud, dust, oil)
  • PH-neutral
  • Also excellent for sensitive surfaces such as carbon-fibre and matt paint
  • Also ideally suited for e-bikes

Application Areas:

The whole bicycle incl. chain


Spray the bicycle, let the product work in for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with a strong water jet (no high pressure!). When cleaning stubborn dirt, we recommend using a sponge.

Please note: Do not use on highly polished, unpainted aluminum and black chromated parts. Do not use in bright sunshine or on heated surfaces. In case of extreme soiling, rinse coarse dirt with water beforehand. With normal and light soiling, spray the cleaner directly onto the dirt.


Size: 750ml