F100 Bicycle Cleaner

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Power-Gel for intensive cleaning

Available in 3 Sizes: 5Liter, 750ml , 100ml 

The Problem:

Bicycle dirt and residue. Regular and thorough cleaning is very important to maintain the bike’s function and value, but it takes great time and effort. Cold cleaners and acidic cleaning agents are damaging to health and the environment.

Product Advantages:

  • Offers the best cleaning and highest material compatibility!

  • For the complete bicycle incl. chain suitable
  • Active fat-release formula cleans even the most stubborn contaminants independently and residue-free
  • Also excellent for sensitive surfaces, such as carbon and matt lacquer
  • Removes all dirt (e. g. mud, dust, oil)
  • Acid-free and guaranteed material compatibility
  • 1 liter is sufficient for 8 - 10 bike washes
  • Also ideal for e-bikes

Application Areas:

The complete bicycle including chain


Spray the entire bike with F100 Bicycle-Cleaner, leave to act for 5-10 minutes and then thoroughly rinse with a jet of water (no high pressure!). In the case of heavy soiling, allow to act for up to 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. If necessary, use sponge to aid cleaning process: Do not use in bright sunshine or on heated surfaces.

Do not use on high gloss polished, unpainted aluminium parts.


Size: 5000ml