Eudoxie - BETH Gloves

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Eudoxie - BETH Gloves

  • Original and unique gloves, to perfect your biker outfit, and give you the look you deserve on your motorcycle!
  • Eudoxie checkered racing gloves, perfect for the most extreme road
  • Approved Leather Gloves
  • 1KP shell on the pasterns
  • Tightened at the wrist
  • Very soft and high quality leather
  • Breathable lining
  • Strap so as not to lose them

Glove Safety Approvals 

These gloves, you dreamed of them, Eudoxie made them. This new model with 2 different designs (THE JODY BETH AND THE JODY BURN) has been carefully considered and tested in close collaboration with our labs, in order to offer you gloves with a new approval: The 1KP standard.

But what is it ? Thanks to its reinforced shells, it protects the pasterns from impacts while allowing great freedom of movement. Its approved technology allows maximum safety while maintaining optimal comfort.

Its ultra-resistant seams allow it to create a kind of flexible armor around your hand. Metacarpals and palms are protected while combining flexibility, safety and maximum driving comfort. So-called “full grain” leather is a high quality premium leather. Treated and softened, it will acquire a patina as your adventures progress.


The Beth gloves are gloves that we have worked on for a long time for their approval, but also their style. Thanks to their checkered “Racing” design, they have a unique and incomparable look for riding. They are thin and close to the hand to guarantee ease of movement as well as very appreciable comfort during your future motorcycle rides. They tighten at the wrist for better support.

And for even more practicality, touchscreen technology is used on the index finger and thumb to allow optimal use of your GPS.

On the left hand, the one used to make the famous “V” which allows you to greet other bikers, we wanted to add our “Eudoxie” touch. You can read our famous phrase “Ride Like a Girl” as a signature of our crew, and a greeting when you ride! This leitmotif phrase on the fingers is ephemeral! And yes, the more adventures you go on your motorcycle, the more your gloves will patina and those “Ride like a Girl” impressions will dissipate, to make way for a weathered glove that will fit your throttle handle perfectly. In summary, like a tattoo in the palm of the hand, impressions are fragile and friction makes them ephemeral.

On the practical side, a wrist strap has been added! With it, you won't be able to drop your gloves! In short, we have thought of everything to make your life easier!

The leather is premium goat leather. The lining is 100% micro-ventilated polyester, to allow the gloves to allow your pretty hands to breathe. The material allows you to thermoregulate, so that you are neither too hot nor too cold.

The cut of the gloves

The leather of this glove has been tested to resist abrasion and tearing. The elongated shape of the cuff makes it easy to put on the gloves and cover this part in the event of a slip. Treated and softened, it will develop a patina over the course of your road trips and adventures. The shells that you find on the metacarpals will be there to protect you, without hindering you during your movements. We are very proud of these gloves, made with love, to always satisfy our dear riders. And to always bring you quality, we made them ourselves!

The perfect combination of safety, style and comfort.


Jody gloves are designed for your comfort and safety on a motorcycle but also for an assertive, unique and singular style. The printing techniques used on these premium quality gloves are very specific and unusual.
It is possible that over time, depending on your use and the different types of controls on your motorcycle, the leather will develop a patina and the inscriptions will fade. This in no way reduces their level of protection and the safety of the gloves.
Eudoxie gloves are made to accompany and protect you throughout your journey, have fun!

Size: XS