Dr. Wack Speed Shampoo

Sale price60,50 lei

Removes even insect residue - Will not dissolve wax layer - Uses an active foam formula - Sufficient for 200 ltrs

  • Removes any soil, such as street dirt, flower pollen and dirty residues without
  • removing the existing wax layer
  • Removes even stubborn insect residue and bird droppings quickly and efficiently
  • Also suitable for convertible tops
  • Dr. Wack Speed Shampoo is highly economic dosing 1:400
  • Solvent-free – does not attack surfaces
  • Detergent base according to the German Act on Detergents and Cleaning Agents
  • Materials are biodegradable
  • All paint types (metallic and colour paints) as well as paint conditions (from new toHighly weathered)
  • Optimal for matt paint, matt foils and glossy foils


For pre-treatment before polishing and waxing and for regular car washing applications. Shake bottle well before use. Rinse away coarse dirt thoroughly with sufficient water. Fill the washing ball with Dr. Wack Speed Shampoo (25 ml suffice for 10 liters of washing solution), place the ball in a bucket and fill it with a strong water jet. Wash the car from top to bottom with a conventional car sponge. In case of strong soiling, foam the car thoroughly and let the foam react for a short time, before washing. Do not let the washing fluid dry in. Finally, wash from top to bottom. Rinse thoroughly with a soft water jet and rub off any residual water with a leather cloth.

Note: Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot paint. Store the bottle in a frost protected place.

Size: 500ml