Dr. Wack Plastic Care Matt

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Intensive color refreshment - Cleans and provides dust-repellant


  • Refreshes faded colours of plastic, rubber and vinyl parts
  • Delivers brandnew surface look and ensures a high-quality matt finish without a greasy look
  • Provides a longer-lasting effect compared to conventional products (especially resistant to rain, car washing, etc.)
  • Deeply penetrates plastic material and renews it from within, thus preventing future bleaching and embrittlement
  • Reduces reflections of the dashboard in the windscreen
  • Also suited for matt plastic materials
  • Offers UV protection, is is solvent-free, has an antistatic effect and cleans slightly soiled surfaces

 Application Areas:

  • All paint-free plastic, rubber and vinyl parts
  • Interior: Cockpit, side panelling, etc.
  • Exterior: Bumpers, bumper strips, tyre sides, vinyl convertible tops, etc.


Shake bottle well before use. Spray Dr. Wack Plastic Care Matt on a fine-pore sponge and apply evenly on clean and dry surfaces. Allow the product to react for about 5 minutes before rewiping with a soft clean cloth. Wash sponge during and after use. Do not use on glass, lacquer parts, tyre treads, or operating elements, such as steering wheels and pedals.


For a longer-lasting effect, repeat the treatment after approx. 30 Minutes. Dr. Wack Plastic Care Matt also removes residues from other polish and wax products on plastic parts, such as bumpers, with ease.


Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Store bottle in a frost-protected place.

Size: 250ml