Dr. Wack Insect Remover

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With Super-Gel formulation - Will not drip off, optimal absorption

  • Removes even the most persistent soil through its Super-Gel formulation

  • The Dr. Wack Insect Remover removes all insect residuals from windscreens completely and quickly
  • Excellently suited for cleaning the front section of cars (e.g. engine hood,bumper, radiator grill, headlamps and plastic headlamp diffusers)
  • Extremely efficient use, due to its non drip, highly absorbant. Guaranteed paint compatibility. Ideally suited as a pre-cleaner for car wash stations or cleaning on the go


Turn spray nozzle to spray position. Shake bottle well before use. Before driving through the car wash or before washing car by hand, spray the soiled surface (windshield, bonnet, radiator grille, bumper, headlights, exterior mirrors) with Dr. Wack Insect Remover and leave on for 3 - 5 min. to take effect. Support the cleaning procedure with a sponge, if required. Rinse thoroughly with water. Turn spray nozzle back to stop position (leakage protection). Guaranteed paint compatibility.


Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot paint. When using on bare, unprotected aluminum, first spot-check the product on an insignificant spot to check compatibility.

Size: 500ml