Dr. Wack HIGH END Spray Wax

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Beading effect redefined

  • The innovative hydrophobic formula of the Dr. Wack HIGH END Spray Wax

  • seals your car effortlessly in just a few minutes – without leaving any streaks
  • It provides months of lasting paint protection (depending on external factors) against weather and environmental impact
  • Gives the paint a mirror-like shine and refreshes the colour
  • Leaves an smooth finish
  • Eliminates white streaks on plastic parts
  • Ideal for all types of paint (metallic, multi-colour, nano and more scratchproof paints) and glossy foils
  • Ideal accessories for processing: Dr. Wack THE CLOTH – Premium microfiber


Shake bottle well before use. Turn spray nozzle to spray position. Spray a thin layer of Dr. Wack HIGH END Spray Wax onto adjacent clean areas of the paintwork and spread evenly with a microfibre cloth. There’s no need to wait before wiping off any residues using the unused side of the cloth. Turn spray nozzle back to stop position (leakage protection).


  • Ideally, use two microfiber cloths for the application. One for spreading and the second only for wiping
  • Dr. Wack HIGH END Spray Wax can also be applied to wet paint as a drying aid
  • To enhance the long-term effect, protect the paint from moisture for at least 1 hour after application

Note: Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot paint. Store the bottle in a frost-protected place. Proceed in stages and avoid letting the product dry out during application. For dried on product, simply re-spray the area, use the cloth to spread it and wipe it off.

Size: 500ml