MotoADN - Partnership

MotoADN - Partnership

We are happy to announce our new Partnership with the MotoADN association in Romania. The newly formed alliance is bringing our products to a larger audience in Romania and supports our initiatives to educate motorcycle riders on our care and lubrication products specifically for the motorcycle & scooter segment. In the upcoming months MotoADN will bring out a series of articles helping all riders understand the use of our products and the benefits for them to increase longevity of their motorcycles, their clothes and accessories. Ensuring damage free cleaning of your beloved bike, extending the lifetime of your drivetrain and taking care of your expensive riding gear.  Follow us and them on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook so you don't miss the articles and videos prepared by the MotoADN Team. 

We start with first article in the MotoADN Magazin giving you an idea of our history of the patented and award winning products that have been the first of its kind on the market since the 1970s, made in Germany. 

Read it online here

Then take a look at the latest video from the team show casing the product categories and giving you an overview of the use cases. 

Checkout the latest video with an intro to our full range of products




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