Moto Expo Bulgaria 2024

Moto Expo Bulgaria 2024

Good Vibes and nice community 

Last weekend we went to the Moto Expo in Bulgaria, representing our brands on the Bulgarian market. We met a lot of amazing people and great motorcycle community in a growing market. Meeting dealers, custom bike builders and enthusiast. Having good conversation about upcoming events and business opportunities made this a very nice event for us and we can say the ride was worth it from Bucharest. 

Sofia is amazing

Naturally speaking we had to also enjoy the amazing city of Sofia, what a nice little gem this city is, lively, diverse with great food locations and many things to explore. We can see how different the big cities in the regions are and can definitely say its clean and safe to walk around and there is not lack of great accommodations at reasonable prices either. Go Visit ! We are coming back for sure. 

Special thanks to Ivailo (organizer) great event and to for reminding us of this event.  


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